Books by Kit Kemp

Coffee table books by the inspirational designer and hotelier. KIT KEMP

In 2012 Kit Kemp, Creative Director for Firmdale Hotels published A Living Space which follows a vibrant, inspiring personal voyage through the many spaces she has designed.

In 2015 Every Room Tells A Story explores the importance she places on attention to detail in creating spaces people want to live in and return to time and again.

In 2019 Design Thread inspires you as Kit takes you on a visual journey through her design alliances and recent projects, from a city pied-à-terre and Manhattan penthouse to a Caribbean beach bar.

Kit's fourth book will be out from May 20th 2021, Design Secrets, Kit imparts her wisdom and shows you how, with a little bit of imagination and a generous dash of daring, you can enhance any interior and make it feel like your very own.